A quest of hope and vision from hell to? Heaven...? You are welcome to join it...

The Dead Sea project

1.0 Is this climatic hell?..

The wind was blowing hot at 40 degrees Celsius but the peaceful turquoise lake only 20 meters away looked promising. Leaving my sandals and shirt, I walked toward the water, feeling the heat of the tiny pearl-pebbles I was treading on. Half way across, I started running. Fast. Reaching the water, I was nearly expecting to hear the sizzling of the water as I sank both feet in. No. The lake water was probably over 34 degrees... I went in deeper sitting down in the water. It was a very "oily" sensation but yes, you actually do float! My face was sweating and it was only minutes before salty sweat drops burned my eyes. It was a painful retreat...This was my "introduction" to the Dead Sea. For me, hell on earth, nothing survives out here...

2.0 The secret of The Dead Sea...

It was decades later and an extreme enthusiast of the Dead Sea, that got me back to "hell". I was ready to listen and learn with my heart, mind and sole...The results were developing fast...Out of 50 k"m of beach front, I found the best locations for me, the best timing and the best way to float. It left me awed...The depth of tranquility and peace achievable, are indescribable simply because the physical combination of conditions exists nowhere else on earth...Is The Dead Sea The Fountain of Peace??

Can we reduce the 40 degrees so peace could be enjoyed?..
Is this a worthy challenge?...A dream?...Or maybe both?...

3.0 Shade from the burning desert sun..

Night is scorpion party time, and day is baking sun time...But, if you can create sustainable shade? Float by day, sleep by night, and heaven is yours..So sustainable, natural, long lasting and no heavy equipment carrying down and up the long walk to the beach front... A broad shade Acacia, Christ's Thorn Jujube or the Nile Tamarix would all be most, most welcome... But they aren't and won't. Not on a "soil" that 34% of the "liquid" above it, was salt... This is the "soil" exposed as the Dead Sea is continuously drying up and shrinking away...

Can we find a way to naturally "wash away" or reduce the salt content in the soil? This would be some start. One step at a time...

Cost of building a summer 2V Geodesic Dome, 10$. כיפה גיאדזית

Cost of Building a 2V Geodesic dome for summer: 9 $.
(Under construction)


  • Building cost 9 $.
  • Can be built by children age 8 and up (adult supervision)
  • Low cost and simple building tools (no power tools).
  • Eco-friendly green-tech,99% recycled or commonly
    available organic building materials.
  • Open to view.
  • Open to summer breeze.
  • Sleeps 1-4 adults + storage.
  • Hosts 3-15 adults.
  • Light weight 3-12 kg.
  • 1-2 hour assembly time.
  • 30 minuets disassembly time.
  • Expected durability: minimum 5 years.
  • 16 very strong built-in hanging hooks.
  • "Lockable" door.
  • Mobile friendly, by one child age 10 and up.