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Off road 4x4 Tours in Israel images. טיולי ג'יפים בישראל

The track to saving the Jewish heart and Christian pilgrimage..

The Burma track.

Only 50 years ago, Islam ruled over The Holy City for Christians, Jews and Muslims. Can you imagine ISIS, El kaida or Hamas controlling Jerusalem?... This is what would have happened if the Palestinians had excepted the UN 1948 partition plan for two states in Israel. So what has the image on the right got to do with this?...This track, called the Israeli Burma track, is how a 28 year old Israeli officer in 1948, managed to reverse the Islamic controlling siege on Jerusalem, to an Israeli controlled Jerusalem. This young officer, later was elected twice as prim minister of Israel with the most tragic personal outcome... Location: Jerusalem hills.

Metzoke Dragot Dead Sea group meditation float jeep tour.

Metzoke Dragot Dead Sea group meditation float jeep tour.

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