Guided 4WD 4x4 Jeep rental in Israel. השכרת ג'יפים מודרכת

Guided self driving 4x4 offroad jeep tracks

4x4, 4WD or jeep rental in Israel is not popular, to say the least...This may be a complement to the challenging off road tracks available, but not to the business value of guided jeep rental...The challenging track and very high cost of repairs are the main cause for jeep rental difficulty. However, to experience the joy of 4x4 off road driving in Israel, is not impossible. The solution is in the name: Guided 4x4 jeep rental. You decide where to go, you drive but you have a 4x4 off road driving instructor by your side....

Leading, is a Toyota Land Cruiser. eight seater including 400 km, not including gas. Additional jeeps are Land rover Defenders nine seat. Guided self driving rental only. The 4X4 Toyota Land cruiser has a powerful diesel engine. It has broad tires for sand dunes and a durable 50/50 road/off-road rock traction thread. The Land cruiser has special shock absorbers and springs, for increased chassis clearance and faster ride on bumpy tracks. The chassis has a special undercarriage aluminum protection plating, better suited for rocky tracks. The Land cruiser also has a high sensitivity Electronic Traction Control system, locking any front or rear free spinning wheels on a steep ditch climb, dramatically improving hill climbing. The Land cruiser is automatic with an additional High/Low power transfer selection gear.