Makhtesh Ramon East Off road 4x4 jeep tours. טיולי ג'יפים: מכתש רמון מזרח

(עברית בהמשך)Makhtesh Ramon

East Ramon crater is one of the classical 4x4 jeep tours in the Negev desert. From all over the world, researchers and tourists come to experience the geological phenomena of the Ramon erosion crater. The unique geological process, reveals 240 million years of active earth crust evolution, including Dykes, Mif'ar, Sand rocks, polished deep gorge, Gavnun, Plutonic formations, colored rocks, "baked" sand prism rocks and all this is in an actively growing erosion crater!!
The Ramon Crater hosts part of the world heritage "Nabati Spice Track", starting at Yemen, through Saudi-Arabia, Petra in Jordan and the Israeli Negev desert. This is a "story unto itself"...
For those ordering the "Tel Aviv to Eilat" tour, parts of this track are included.
​מסלול מכתש רמון מזרח, הינו מהקלאסיקות שבהר הנגב. מכל העולם באים חוקרים ותיירים למכתש הסחיפה הגדול והמגוון ביותר בעולם מבחינה גיאולוגית. המסלול כולל את נחל גוונים, נחל רמון, עין סהרונים, חאו סהרונים הנבטי, קטע מדרך הבסמים (אתר מורשת עולמי), מעלה דקלים האתגרי, פרסת נקרות, נחל נקרות, נחל ארדון, הר כרבולת, "הדרך האדומה" בנחל ארדון, וחאן בארותיים.

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Geology attraction

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Negev Desert Center.

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S. Machtesh Ramon east.

Mitzpe Ramon Ein Saharonim jeep tours.

Mitzpe Ramon Ein Saharonim jeep tours.

It was the famous Nabati camel convoy leaders that recognized the potential of the small winter water pool at Ein Saharonim. They found how to harnessed the flood water to enrich the spring, supporting the camels carrying the valuable Mor and Levona perfumes across from Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Later, when the trade diminished, they found a way to grow vineyards in the desert, commercially producing wine.... Who of the three survived?

Mitzpe Ramon Nahal Ardon jeep tours.

Mitzpe Ramon Nahal Ardon jeep tours.

High levels of iron, have given rocks of Ardon wadi the magnificent red color but farther down the wadi, we will see turquoise, gray and yellow rocks as well! Yes, this is quit a sight but what made thees rock so penetrable to color? Why are thees rocks so different from the vast majority all over the Negev desert? Why did this knowledge lead Britain to prohibit Israelis from exploring this location? And why are children so attracted to thees rocks?...

Ma'ale Noah Mitzpe Ramon jeep tours.

Ma'ale Noah Mitzpe Ramon jeep tours.

It is NEVER the same and it keeps growing !! Machtesh Ramon is a desert erosion crater. Meaning the whole interior bottom and outside wall, are constantly being eroded away by the rain, wind and the day / night temperature variations cracking the rocks. The best views are at the narrow east and west sides of the crater. Both sides, have a challenging 4x4 track climbing out of the 20 kilometer wide crater. Both are fantastic locations for a coffee brake, if temperatures permit...