Nahal Yarkon Jeep Tour track.


The Yarkon stream: One of the two Super Chargers of Natures-Energy in Tel Aviv and beyond!! 

Tel Aviv's largest outdoor recreation park, is built on the two banks of the Yarkon stream. However, the full track, right up to the source of the Yarkon, is SIX times larger!! Additionally, it is mostly natural "architecture" of Mother Nature, rather than landscape-engineers design. This means power-of-nature! Driving up-stream, crossing many times through water from one side to the other, hidden by the tall cane vegetation and giant Eucalyptus trees, is a great pleasure! But, there is a serious new-age heritage along the track too...This track is the berth of the new Israeli fighter for survival and nation building...

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23/08/2017 - 11:00

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Heritage Jewish

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