Off road 4x4 jeep tours: Short tours . טיולי ג'יפים: טיולים קצרים

Off road 4x4 jeep tours: Short tours.

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Judea desert and Dead Sea short 4x4 jeep tour (4h) . טיול ג'יפים קצר מדבר יהודה וים המלח (4 ש') מסלול , Code: TH4D2N0 1100nis /7seat . , Buy Now .

Nahal Og Jeep tour

(עברית בהמשך)
A short but spicy taste of the Judea desert!!
Probably a tour with the most... more

C. Ben Shemen childrens farm to Shoresh Burma Track. טיול ג'יפים בן שמן לדרך בורמה , Buy Now .

(Under construction)

Tel HadidThis 4 hour track is in The wine country of israel but its roots are from east Europe...  In 1881, after the assassination of the Tsar Alexander the 2nd ,millions of Jews in west Russia where under persecution... A wave of immigration had begun, mostly  to the USA. In 1927, a few... more

Jerusalem mountain springs Off road 4x4 jeep tours. 4H. טיולי ג'יפים: מסלול מעיינות הרי ירושלים , Code: TH2D2N0 850 nis /7seat . , Buy Now .

(עברית בהמשך)
4 Hour tour. We don't have to drive 2.5 hours in summer up to the well known cool water sites on the Golan Hights. The Jerusalem hills have a few springs, small but rewarding if we know how to find them.... This tour, is an exploring experience, as the springs are hidden... more

Off road 4x4 jeep tours: Ness Ziona highlights. טיולי ג'יפים: פנינות נס ציונה , Code: TH2D0N0 600nis /7seat . , Buy Now .

Ness ziona challenge Jeep Tours. טיולי ג'יפים נס ציונה(עברית בהמשך)
The Ness Ziona 4x4 track is not only surprisingly challenging but is a microcosm of the struggle and revival of the Jewish people in their homeland from 1883 to date !!
Time permitting, here are some of the attractive sites: The Lerer estate reconstructed largest Antila water well,... more

Ashdod to Nizanim dunes Off road 4x4 jeep tours. טיולי ג'יפים: חולות אשדוד, ניצנים , Code: TH2D2N0 850 nis /7seat . , Buy Now .

Ashdod Nitzanim Jeep Tours. טיולי ג'יפים דיונות אשדוד וניצנים
A window into Israel south shore. Ashdod and Ashkelon, two vibrant young Israeli cities, are surrounded... more