Jerusalem hills and The Old City Off road 4x4 jeep tours. טיול ג'יפים הרי ירושלים והעיר העתיקה

The Old City Wailing Wall and Jerusalem hills, Off road 4x4 jeep tours."Ambassadorial" tour:
This Jerusalem Jeep Tour is a 5-6 hour 4x4, walking and on road tour.  The 3.3 million tourists per year from all over the world, walking the emotion-loaded ancient sites of the Old City of Jerusalem, are solid evidence to the power of attraction of the city. What we add, is the in depth, off road understanding of the methods that enable such religious, cultural and human diversity, in spite of the existence of extreme agitators....

The track includes off road 4x4 Tel Chadid view point on West Bank lower Sumeria, upper biblical Sumeria (optional at no additional cost), a 2.5 hour walking tour of The Old City of Jerusalem, including the Jafa gate, the Christian quarter, the markets (5), Church of Resurrection / Holy Sepulcher, Via-Dolorosa, the Muslim quarter, the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqtsa mosque (optional for Muslims), the Western / Wailing Wall, the city walls, the Jewish quarter, Mt. Zion, the Armenian quarter, St. James, the David citadel. Back to the Jerusalem hills, the Palestinian village of Abu-Gosh, the off road 4x4 Burma track and 1948 war of independence control posts over Jerusalem access road. Last site, the democratic Jewish / Arab village of Neve Shalom. 

Some of the viewpoints along the track, are depicted in the following images and in the Link to full gallery.

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Heritage Christian
Heritage Jewish

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Center: Jerusalem hills and The Old City.

The world focus of Christian pilgrimage.

Location: Jerusalem old city.
2000 years ago, in the midst of a bloody "civil war", one man said NO to violence, paid with his own life, saving hundreds of thousands followers and starting up one of the largest religions in the world...
The last six stations of his final "Path of suffering", were grouped together under one world focus building: The Church of Resurrection. Millions come here and pray. What would you ask from a spirit as such?...

The home of hart prayer...

Can Muslims, Christian and Jews live and manage together a settlement? If so, then HOW?... For how long?.... At what quality of life?....
The experiment is ongoing and questioned constantly. In the image, you see what sparked the experiment. A house of "silent tranquility". Its shape is a major hint as to how it "silent tranquility" comes to be.. One thing is certain, if you are looking for residence in a pine forest and vineyards, good access to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, you would consider this village, if you posses the appropriate funds..
Dumia Skina. Location: Jerusalem hills.

The track to saving the Jewish heart and Christian pilgrimage..

The Burma track.

Only 50 years ago, Islam ruled over The Holy City for Christians, Jews and Muslims. Can you imagine ISIS, El kaida or Hamas controlling Jerusalem?... This is what would have happened if the Palestinians had excepted the UN 1948 partition plan for two states in Israel. So what has the image on the right got to do with this?...This track, called the Israeli Burma track, is how a 28 year old Israeli officer in 1948, managed to reverse the Islamic controlling siege on Jerusalem, to an Israeli controlled Jerusalem. This young officer, later was elected twice as prim minister of Israel with the most tragic personal outcome... Location: Jerusalem hills.

הכנות וציוד מומלץ לטיולי ג'יפים

רכב תקין, במיוחד מכלולי 4 על 4 , נעילות, או פעילות מערכות בקרת אחיזה.

רכב מתודלק, גלגל חליפי תקין, כלי החלפת גלגל תקינים, במיוחד מגבה.

כלי פילוס וחילוץ בסיסיים: מזמרת יד, משור קשת מתקפל, מקוש, רצועת חילוץ 13 מטר 9 טון, את חפירה מתקפלת.

מים ומזון לכל היום. מומלץ גם מחצלת וצילייה עם עוגני בד למדבר.

ביגוד משתתפים: נעלים סגורות, מכנס ארוך, לקיץ בגד ים, לחורף מגפיים, לשלג - חרמונית.

לטיולים האתגריים, מומלץ להגיע לאחר השתלמות/קורס נהיגת שטח (יש מדריכם נוספים באינטרנט).

לטיולים רב-יומיים מומלץ להוסיף: אוהל עם תחתית, רשת זבובים ושני פתחי כניסה/יציאה. מזרון מתנפח, מפוח חשמלי, שקי שינה, כריות, גזייה, מנגל רשתות כפולות, כלי רחצה, ג'ריקן 19 ליטר לרכב.