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Off Road Turing.

I did many trips with In Loe Gear, I have enjoy it very much. Miki the owner of the company is well familiar with the off roads in Israel and it history. My all family like him very much. I will choose again travel with In Low Gear. I recomend you to come Israel and enjoy inland tour 4X4 with Miki and his team.

Link. Jul-22,2014

Really enjoyed it!

Michael is a great story teller and keep us engaged throughout the Jerusalem tour. We gained much deeper understanding of past history and current status of Israel. Again really enjoyed it!


Fantastic day.

I got a birthday present - to go to the Dead Sea with a friend on Michael's Tour. The drive to the Dead Sea was interesting and stimulating, including off road (and unusual for me) traveling. We saw Nature that looked un touched by civilization. It was beautiful. We saw wild life too, . The Dead Sea was so relaxing. We felt we were safe and in good hands. We had a super supper at Abu Gosh and enjoyed the day fully. Michael was interesting, helpful and thoughtful. It was a great plesure to be with him.


Outstanding tour! Off road is the way to go!

Michael was an outstanding host! Experiencing the sites by 4 wheel drive with a passionate and knowledgable host created the perfect touring atmostphere. The visits to the Holy sites was even more enjoyable thru deep discusions with Michael. I highly recommend this tour. The best part of the trip was the long hike up a remote stream, through dense brush and boulders.


The amazing day adventure with Mickey.

Before I started my summer internship program in Israel, my mom, brother and I were exploring Israel and soaking up all the beauty Israel has to offer. Upon arriving in Hertzalyia my mom and I decided we wanted to find/plan a day adventure. As we had been to Israel countless times before, we wanted to go to and see totally new and different places. We spoke to the manager where we were staying and she quickly called up Mickey. The day adventure my family and I had with Mickey was by far the highlight of our time together in Israel and one of the most, if not THE most memorable, amazing day I have ever had in Eretz Yisrael. Mickey picked us up promptly in the morning and our adventure began. We traveled from Hertzalyia to Rosh Hayayin, Modin, Samaria, ein/prat/nachal prat on the border of the Judean and Samerian desert where we did a light water hike, nebe miss, nebe mossay, almog, wadi og, the dead sea and finished the day with a fabulous traditional Middle Eastern meal in a family restaurant in Abu Gosh. We went to a private area of the dead sea, where we were able to relax and meditate in virtually complete silence. This experience at the dead sea will be one i will never forget! The day was filled with though provoking conversations, laughs, great vibes and beauty. Mickey was so professional, knowledgeable on every topic and place we went to and great to be around- with his positive energy and great personality. In addition Mickey took awesome pictures of us and for us! Everything we did had such purpose and meaning. Mickey truly brought out the beauty and significance behind everything we were seeing! The jeep tour was exhilarating! Mickey's jeep tours are one I would not miss when coming to Israel! As Mickey has a variety of tours to choose from- depending on what you would like to see/go to/do- it gives customers great options. Mickeys trips are perfect whether this is your first time to Israel or if your are a seasoned traveler to Israel. I loved our day adventure with Mickey!!! I would 100% recommend the tours to everyone I know and I cant wait to book my next adventure with Mickey!


Bachelorette party.

We were about 14 girls, two jeeps, It was the best trip, An unforgettable experience.

We arrived locations probably would never have seen. with Mickey excellent guide!!!


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Amazing tour - exciting, relaxing, fun and educational. Can't ask for more.

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