Masada, Judea desert and the Dead Sea Off road 4x4 Jeep Tours. טיולי ג'יפים מדבר יהודה, מצדה, ים המלח

Masada, The Royal Palace. Dead Sea Jeep Tours. טיולי ג'יפים מדבר יהודה, מצדה, ים המלח"Ambassadorial" tour:
Once past Jerusalem, we head for the desert. We track 4x4 into the Judea desert, on our way to the sugar cane path, used long before, by John the Baptist and Jesus.  The 4x4 track views  the Kumeran Dead Sea Scrolls caves, learning about the turbulent times leading to the 2000 years exile of the Hebrew people from the Home-Land.

Further down in the lowest point on earth, rests the 100 k"m long turquoise Dead Sea.  Contrary to its name, it attracts tourists and Israelis all year round. This is for two sensational qualities. One is the "walking on water" experience enabled by the remarkably heavy water and second, is the miraculous healing quality of the water, sulfur springs and UV-B sun rays, known for their  successful combat of the most stubborn psoriasis skin irritation!

Masada ! Deep down in the Judea desert, on an isolated table mountain, are ruins nearly 2000 years old. They are a growing monument to the free spirit of the
human race. They are a silent  heroic evidence of the resistance demonstrated by 930 men, woman and children against tens of thousands of trained Roman 
soldiers. This was chosen by the UN as a world heritage site , saluting freedom of choice and spirit! The visit on the mountain is preceded by a short explanatory video.

Note ! 
Masada entrance fee is about 80 NIS per person (including two way cable car).

Special Focus:: 

Heritage Jewish
Heritage World
Desert mountains
Water sites

Region Geo: : 

Judea Desert North.

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S. Masada, Judea, Dead Sea.

Metzoke Dragot Dead Sea group meditation float jeep tour.

Metzoke Dragot Dead Sea group meditation float jeep tour.

Brace yourself..This is probably the nearest you can get to a miracle any time you wish. It was chosen as one of the top ten wonders of the world. This is what you may expect: Floating effortlessly, as if you were in outer space; Breathing easily as if you were in deep sleep; While you are relaxing, all forms of skin bacteria are eliminated; Your skin, hair and nails are regenerating while getting a slight tan, resulting in smoother and younger looking and feeling skin; The most stubborn psoriasis conditions, subside with daily treatment; Muscle and joint pain is reduced.

Nabi Musa jeep tours.

Nabi Musa jeep tours.

An isolated, empty looking, desert minaret complex.. Inside is a tomb not accessible to anyone except the care taker... It is said, that some had entered and their mind was never the same again.. Around the outside wall, on the low rounded desert swells, are numerous Beduwin stone clusters, the Beduwin burial method. This is a sure sign of an actively very highly regarded sacred sight. In Arabic, the name is Nebi-Musa. In English it is prophet Moses. The prophet Moses... We know Moses did not cross the Jordan river into the land pf Israel, so what is the explanation? And what are the generations of violence that rose from the tomb?...

הכנות וציוד מומלץ לטיולי ג'יפים

רכב תקין, במיוחד מכלולי 4 על 4 , נעילות, או פעילות מערכות בקרת אחיזה.

רכב מתודלק, גלגל חליפי תקין, כלי החלפת גלגל תקינים, במיוחד מגבה.

כלי פילוס וחילוץ בסיסיים: מזמרת יד, משור קשת מתקפל, מקוש, רצועת חילוץ 13 מטר 9 טון, את חפירה מתקפלת.

מים ומזון לכל היום. מומלץ גם מחצלת וצילייה עם עוגני בד למדבר.

ביגוד משתתפים: נעלים סגורות, מכנס ארוך, לקיץ בגד ים, לחורף מגפיים, לשלג - חרמונית.

לטיולים האתגריים, מומלץ להגיע לאחר השתלמות/קורס נהיגת שטח (יש מדריכם נוספים באינטרנט).

לטיולים רב-יומיים מומלץ להוסיף: אוהל עם תחתית, רשת זבובים ושני פתחי כניסה/יציאה. מזרון מתנפח, מפוח חשמלי, שקי שינה, כריות, גזייה, מנגל רשתות כפולות, כלי רחצה, ג'ריקן 19 ליטר לרכב.